In front of the haka

When you are a rugby-lover, no matter where you come from, one of the things you'll love to witness is the All Blacks perfroming the haka in front of you.

Thus, RWC, and specially the 20-teams format is so important. If only once every four years a team like Portugal will have the chance to confront teams like Australia, South Africa, etc...

Could you imagine being in the shoes of one of the red ones in this picture?

I think there's only one thing greater: being in the shoes of one of the black ones.


Anonymous said...

What's so great about being in the red? Unless the jerseys are blood soaked.

sesenta y cuatro said...

If you are a rugby player, if you have played rugby for 20 years, if your country has a half-professional domestic league and ranks 22 in the world rankings, be able to play the All Blacks is something you are going to tresure in your mind during the rest of your life.