ELVs reactions so far

David Nucifora, Blues coach: 16-02-08 "The game is still basically the same. You have to have a strong set piece, you have to be organised with your defence. We put a lot of work into those areas but you have to also be aware the game will be quick and open up at times. I want to give credit to our conditioning staff, because it showed out there tonight that they have done an outstanding job"

Robbie Deans, Crusaders and Wallabies coach: 28-01-08 "It gives the ability to be harder around the contact area, to be hard on the people who they want to move, for example the tackler rolling away. If you get that message across with a free kick early and consistently it will clean the game up. If they don't get the response from the player they go to the sanctions that are greater."

Colin Cooper, Hurricanes coach: 01-11-08 "I would be surprised if there were big changes or variations in what we play in the Super 14"

Brian Habana, IRB 07 player of the year: 18-02-08 "It's got a lot more of a rugby league feel on it. There's no stop-start, the essence of what rugby is, anymore"

Fourie du Preez, Bulls captain: 16-02-08 "It's less enjoyable. It's not the sort of rugby I enjoy, it's too much like sevens. There's too much kicking and counter-attacking and not enough set-pieces"

Lyndon Bray, Referee: 19-02-08 "From what I've seen already this weekend and what I felt tonight was that the ball was much cleaner at the base of the tackle, we're getting a much cleaner delivery and one of the things I found really interesting in the warm-up games and again tonight is that traffic around the tackles and rucks is almost eliminated."

Bill Beaumont, former rugby player & IRB vice chairman: 19-02-08 "There was not a dramatic difference. Yes there were more free kicks but there was still a huge emphasis on set piece"


Anonymous said...

You haven't mentioned the death of Bobby Fisher. I thought you might make some associated rugby comment.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Bobby Fischer, Bobby Fischer... That name kind of sounds familiar to me... Is he a Brumbies coach relative or anything?


Just kidding. I was born after Fischer quit chess, and he was already a legend by that time. But the true chess had already switched back to speak russian again (and still it does) so it kind o annoyed me when people went once and again to the subject of Fischer (and still it does, as well).

Fischer... they says to me.
Fischer!! I says to them. And what about Capablanca or Alekhine? Were not they as great as him at the very least?

I was surprised at the news of the death of Fischer. He was not that old. But he had been showing of late that he was not well.

I think that Fischer, like Morphy, like Steinitz or like many artists before (Van Gogh) or scientists (Cavendish) showed that male "curse" which makes us able of the most astounding deeds often embodied inside the least social skilled people.

For my part, I think I admire Fischer, but have always tended to a certain level of boicot to him (just to level)

Anonymous said...

Could you compare him to a great flyhalf or scrumhalf....who directs the movement of chess in rugby...the team or a couple of players or the coach?