Julian Huxley has a (probably benign) brain tumor

We saw him faint during the Brumbies match against the Reds attempting a front-on tackle on a Reds player.

He was taken to a hospital.

Best of lucks for the Brumbies fullback.

Forth, Julian!


Anonymous said...

Are you out of your mind? A brain tumor is a death sentence and he doesn't deserve it!! He was just getting going. It is better not to have mentioned the seriousness of the illness.
I can't believe the fate of misdirected justice. Knock'em down Julian!!

sesenta y cuatro said...

My sis is a doctor. She says that most of brain tumors can be surgically extirpated without too much risk.

I just cheered him.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I hear the name brain, pancreas or liver and the adjective is disease, I become hopelessly depressed as it always equates to death. It isn't fair to be cut down by anything like this at the prime of one's life.

Anonymous said...

Brain tumours are by no means a death sentence nowdays. My brother in law has been diagnosed twice in 6 years with a brain tumor and is monitored regularly but is cancer free. Julian is young, strong and otherwise healthy. These factors are very encouraging for a success story. Best wishes to you Julian!.