All Blacks around the world (III): Laredo

First of all, I live in Laredo, a village in Spain populated by 15000 people.

Second, in Spain people think that rugby is a game played in the USA and has something called "touch-down" and a hero called something like "cuore-back".

Third, I don't know these guys performing Ka Mate in Laredo, so I can't believe that I found this.

Fourth, it's the worst haka I've ever witnessed but I love it, anyway. :-)

PS: We are 20,000 km away from New Zealand.


Anonymous said...

Es que los pejinos somos así de estupendos :P

Your girlfriend :*

sesenta y cuatro said...

Tiene doña Gumersinda un "Ka Mate" muy bonito...

I love you.

Anonymous said...

The Kiwis get around and badly.