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Some things simply can't be understood.

Today we get to know that the IRB has said that Argentina will not join the Tri-Nations before 2012.

At the same time on the opposite side of the world, we know that the ARU is in talks with Japan to include a japanese Super franchise into the Super 14 Super-South Super-Rugby. Super.

What's going on? I mean, it's wonderful to draw the attention of japanese rugby to play in the Super 14. It would be a boost, I daresay. But, what is this thing about Argentina? I know that argentinian players play in the northern hemisphere and I can understand that only with their first team Argentina is going to be cleared to play in the Tri-Nations but...

Don't IRB thinking heads realise that by delaying Argentina to play in a major competition they are destroying any chances for argentinian rugby to stay on top? Argentinian rugby is perhaps the best thing that has happened to rugby worldwide. Many will tell you how special the rise of Argentina has been, the way they have built their rugby culture. But they need support. They are pledging to get into a big competition to keep improving, the only thing you could listen from argentinian players during their RWC success was: "don't leave us aside".

The funniest thing is that the IRB have tried to blame the UAR for the delay... IRB, what are you playing at?

Well, about the Japanese in the Super 14, I want to quote John O'Neill (ARU chief executive) words about a team based in Tokyo: "It would perhaps be half japanese, with Japan best players, and the other half foreign, predominately Australian".



Anonymous said...

Perhaps you can see a little better now what is happening. The stronger the Argentinians, the more stronger the French resistance. Change is not a word in the King's language; tradition is.

Anonymous said...

Come now, you cannot possibly believe that the Japanese can impose themselkves upon anyone but the guppies, even with a retinue of foreign players. The Japanese are a proud group and won't like the idea that they have to make up numbers in that fashion. The Japanese have one chance and that is to develop more of a style of their own that can confuse, win ball, retain possession and attack quickly and positively whenever the chance comes. The idea that size and height do make a difference is probably one reason that the ELVs were thought up; the Japanese might be very good at the experimental level...but that is only one teamooor area(Asia) and that isn't enougheven if the IRB and RFU see $$$$$$$.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Oh, but Japan is such a tasteful piece of cake...

Who would not want japanese money?

I think that islanders and japanese (a mix of the pacific nations players) would make a team quite decent for the Super Rugby.

It would play at Tokyo, of course.

Anonymous said...

Here is one for you. I have heard that Nonu is of Japanese descent. If they can claim genetic lones like that, well, anything is possible?