Cipriani axed

The pearl of the english rugby has been excluded from the english national side by coach Brian Ashton.

The reason? He's been found by some journalist during a night out.

I am no seer but a side with so many "accidents" is not to win a tournament like the 6 Nations. Focus on the tournament is a must.

England were supposed to win a Grand Slam this year. Everybody was expecting it. Now, it is not sure whom they are actually fighting.

Danny Cipriani does not want to commit himself to rugby discipline, while perhaps Julian Huxley won't be able to play again.

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Anonymous said...

This is how the stupid English gag their players. They eliminate their presence in hope that the public will discover that they are humans afterall...with the same likes and dislikes nas the rest of the population. Rugby elitism is so unfashionable these days. The POMS are always, like a cuckolded husband, the last to know.