Six Nations: Wales succeeds and England colapses

Everything could have happened yesterday at Croke Park and the Welsh emerged victorious because they were running for their lives... I mean, Grand Slam. They have, at least, won the Triple Crown, and after the France-Italy game, they will receive the French at Cardiff knowing that only losing by 20 or more points they would not be champions.

So, congratulations, Wales.

Meanwhile, Scotland have most likely put Ashton's coaching place on vacancy by convincingly defeating England as all including coach Ashton admitted. What's up with England? I mean, what the hell are they playing at? Is not the awful performance of english lined-up players much worse than the axed Cipriani's? After all, Cipriani's fault did not happen while playing, but during his free time. What should England do with their players who failed so badly?

England's case is to be examined. They were almost certain of winning a Grand Slam; after all, they were RWC runner-ups and had Cipriani and Vainikolo... but after the initial loss, it seems they are no longer interested. France, on the contrary, have used this edition to start building on the future. The final test will be Wales, who has been the best side throughout the tournament.

It is going to be the best test of the tournament.


Anonymous said...

Senor, the quality of players presently in the ^n is substandard. As I reiterated on my website, pace and grace are qualities that cannot be taught. Size and power without the above two and a tinge of intelligence is a foregone conclusion.
If Wales succeeds it is because they are the only side that has consistently played as a team in spite of themselves. The other sides ahve only been as strong as their weakest link.
Do I expect great things from Cipriani? No. He will be no better and no worse than JW because he doesn't have the gifts of a guy like Carter or even a journeyman like ROG and certainly not the class now or ever of Hook. Dan Parks maybe.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Monsieur, I think you are right. No one can truly believe that neither France nor England would have been crowned champions, should thye have put the interest they showed during the RWC.

Are these two countries letting the oldest tournament in the world dies?

Anonymous said...

That, Senor, is the most difficult question of our rugby generation. What I really think is that the heads will come together and scrape the 6N and start a whole new rugby competition for ten countries. That would be my guess in the professional era and that would include some sort of interglobal international premier competition despite the fact that globally it is a traditional winter sport.