Super 14's fourth round

In short: the Sharks defeated the Blues.

A bit more ellaborated: Electrical start and astounding effort by the Sharks at the breakdown gives them the victory over a good Blues side. The Crusaders won and are leaders.

A bigger overview: Round four featured the clash of two of the three undefeated teams. After an impressive first ten minutes, the Sharks were leading 12-0 and their ability at the breakdown set it 19-0 before the Blues scored a penalty go to make it 19-3 at halftime. In the second half the Blues tried hard but the Sharks were again superb in defense and at the breakdown and only by a miracle, they didn't get a bonus point. The Blues looked close to it, to come back but at the end the game only lasted 80 minutes and the Sharks won. Both teams were brilliant. The Crusaders suffered to win at Perth, the Waratahs contested and triumphed against the Brumbies for the best aussie team and the Hurricanes extended their winning strike to three games against the Highlanders.

It was a nice round but for the loss of the Blues. The loss, however, is not a bitter defeat. It's the defeat of a team that offers signs that will get better and better. The breakdown is the area that needs more improvement, whereas the physical condition of the team is perhaps the best of the competition. The Crusaders are a very very very serious team and their bonus-point victory at Perth is going to give Carter and co some real under-pressure minutes to build. The Sharks seem to have less talent than the two New Zealand sides but to handle it very wisely.

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