Michalak supports ELV's.

It must be the english way of doing anything, but I am amazed of the big number of self-credited opinions of northern hemispherers about the ELVs when it is a fact that no northern hemisphere match has been played under these.

Frederic Michalak, who happens to be a different sort of player, is perhaps the only northern to have ever played under the Stellenbosch laws and, how weird! he likes them!

Perhaps Michalak should go in pilgrimage northwards spreading the ELV word. I could even forgive some forward pass. Well, perhaps I cannnot.


Anonymous said...

I like Michalak despite the fact that he has really done nothing at the international stage. He is probably looking at Ellisalde at number 10 and thinking...hmmmm...TS can live without me....and now Skrela...hmmmI am just a poor Polish immigrant ....I need to get my rugby game together before IT IS TOO LATE.
I think Livremont will welcome FM back but I can't say just how much ghe has improved, if at all. Afterall, he has only been away for 3 months.
The stamp of approval by Michalak, who is uneducated, is not exactly a stamp of authority.
Nevertheless, I like him!

sesenta y cuatro said...

I think it is all a matter of personality. The quality is inside him but, for some reason, he's not very regular.

I feel he would have taken benefit of a longer period with the Sharks, although I don't see any reason for him not growing further as a player northwards.

Anonymous said...

He needed a full season of S14 and maybe a Currie Cup to max out. He is an unfinished product now but who knows? I think he is headed for Berbizier and Racing Club Paris....is that Stade Toulouse tattoo on his neck?