Blues: David Nucifora is not the problem

but is he the solution?

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Anonymous said...

The problem with Nucifora is the players don't like him. As a coach either you have to have the respect or just be a likeable guy. He is neither. His intensity and threats turn the players off. In this day and age, professional rugby coaches need to be able to communicate with all the players. That was the problem with Jones and with White.
The coach's job is not to be too chummy with the players but at the same time demonstrate no favortism or clique. An example of this was Bernard LaPorte who had in his little circle of friends Jauzion, Dominici and Pelous whom he favored and allowed them to be privy to all his actions. That was his ultimate undoing. Dominici and Pelous should never had made the REC team and even Jauzion was suspect as his form was horrendous. This kind of 'friendship', if it doesn't produce results, alienates many of the fringe players who make it known to the selected players who may or may not agree with them but it does make for an very unsettled teram. Why do you think guys like White and Jones don't have jobs. They have credentials.