All Blacks mid field

I have said throughout this 2008 super 14 season that I would pick the Blues front row, the Crusaders second row and the Hurricanes third row for the All Blacks.

Now I begin to wonder whether 12 & 13 would not be wisely given to the Hurricanes.

After the flights of both Mauger and McAlister to U.K. voices raised about the All Blacks mid field. Credit is for Graham Henry as he said that he had no worry about the mid field. Ma'a Nonu is playing simply great. Just watch him fire in the game against the Bulls, while Conrad Smith may certainly be the most serious player at centre.

What will Henry choose? Brett at 12? Toeava at 13? Nonu and Smith?

Whatever he chooses, he has a wonderful pool available.

(Update: April 13th, Wayne Smith seems to agree)


Anonymous said...

I will buy into most of your observations, except Conrad Smith. It is my feeling that he will be the only token white player in the All Blacks lineup.
I am certain that Nonu will be selected at the wing because he has too many mind vacations to play consistenly in the centre. It would be insanity not to select Toeva. having said that I thinlk Brett and crate at five eights and Toevea, Nonu and Sivivatu(or somebody else) with McDonald at fullback. The problem is what to do with Muliaina.
I think Brett or your boy Evans need to be bled now. There is no reason to 'develop' them. graham Henry knows he is up against a guy like Deans who doesn't have the resources the All Blacks have but is the much smarter coach. Knowing this Henry can ill afford to make any mistakes and make the NZRFU look bloody foolish for renewing his contract. To be frank, I cannot see Graham Henry in the All Black lineup for the next two years. He might not make it a year.
That is my opinion.

sesenta y cuatro said...

I think that Toeava is wonderful at 13, but if Nonu and Smith do well with the Hurricanes... why wouldn't Henry stick to them?

Ahm, the wing. The wing will certainly be a matter of controversy. NZers think that they've always got the best wings just because they are NZ.

But make a poor selection at the wings (namely, Sivivatu and Masaga) and you'll se how Nwoke and Habana ride over them.

Anonymous said...

Now your thinking.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Dunno, I think that suddenly the midfield bursts with a lot of talent everywhere for NZ. I just can't say what would be best: brett and toeava? brett and nonu? nonu and smith?

I don't care as much who's finally going to make it as who's available for the coach.