Do not expect anything spectacular from the Irish

Unlike the english, french or welsh teams, the Irish national side has not substantially been changed from the one that so poorly performed during RWC 07 and so averagely walked through the 6 Nations.

Just look at the names; it's the entire good old Munster forward pack, with old good O'Gara at first five and the good old Leinster backs.

Do not expect any change in their game plan, do not expect any new weakness or any new strength.

Just remember the 2005 test at Dublin (45-7) or the two 2006 tests at Hamilton and Auckland (34-23 and 27-17). This is the irish side that the All Blacks are facing within three days.

It will not give account on how have the irish improved. It will make for how much have the All Blacks declined.


Anonymous said...

I have neber thought the RWC Irish side and the side that whipped Toulouse were very good. How they did it is beyond me but they have and they come to NZ perhaps the stongest of all NH sides. That being said, and the fact that the All Blacks have declined and are somewhat unprepared, I do think that the Irish will out perform Wales, Scotland and England. That could only mean that the match might be only a ten point difference. The Irish supporter base feel ardently that Ireland will win. I have no idea where they come up with that scenario.

sesenta y cuatro said...

I think the irish have a certain "now or never" feeling. Add to that the Heineken Cup success (as if no kiwi players had helped there at all) and you have it.

But eventually the time will come when New Zealand or the Springboks will fall to some Italy, Argentina, Scotland or Ireland, I mean, countries that have never scored a win against them (I think Ireland has once beaten the Boks, though) and one may well ask: why not this june?

A 10 points win for the All Blacks is a very realistic prediction, but it will, in y opinion, demonstrate that something is missing in this All Blacks squad.

Let's see how these youngsters like Kaino, Afoa or Tuitavake perform.