Is the Pacific Nations the second toughest yearly-tournament in the world?

That the Tri-Nations is the toughest tournament (RWC apart) is something no one can deny. But, when Fiji defeats the utterly Grand-Slam fashion winner of the 6N, when Tonga has a 25-25 score against world champions South Africa with 5 minutes to go, and with an Australia A side full of Super 14 players and a NZ Maori side that could kick asses of any Tri Nations side...

These are some of the names that Donny Stevenson has named for the New Zealand Maori:

- Tim Bateman
- Daniel Braid
- Stephen Brett
- Callum Bruce
- Keith Cameron
- Aled de Malmanche
- Jason Eaton
- Hosea Gear
- Liam Messam
- Shannon Paku
- Piri Weepu

to name some "known" names. (it is a different question how "maori" this team may be) But the real question is: Is this the second toughest tournament in the world? Or is the 6N tougher?

England, France, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Italy?
NZ Maori, Australia A, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and Japan?

Well, there are two things that are out of any doubts:

-which competition of the two generates more revenue.
-which competition of the two provokes more yawns.

Good day.

Note: Do you remember the Classic All Blacks putting 41 points one week ago against the Leicester Tigers? This very team has been put to the edge of a loss against the National Japan team. 15 - 13 was the score.

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Anonymous said...

I think having a team called the Classic All Blacks is a bit of overkill.