This blog is about rugby. It has little to do with yellow press. However, it seems that rugby is more often than a bunch o other sports involved in yellow press affairs, the latter being the consequences of the english tour of New Zealand.

That's the reason for this blog to have its say about violence and rugby. I hate to mix them both in a sentence.

First thigns first; inappropriate behaviour off the field is a matter that affects all, not just poms. Second, and more importantly, we are not surprised to see the names of these 4 people involved in such allegations. And this is the wrong thing as it's inside our minds.

As long as we "understand" or "expect" or "tollerate" or "anything but absolutely reject" bad behaviour off the field and the "doers" (and that includes Doug Howlett to my bitter sadness), these things will continue and people will find the way to excuse them.

I don't know what these tourists did in New Zealand, nor what has really happened for them to be in the razor's edge without having been charged by the New Zealand police. What I don't stand is the idea that these and similar things are normal. We are all guilty for them being normal, unless we don't hate them loud enough.


Anonymous said...

WE are all guilty unless guys like you and me say something. WE do, unlike other so-called rugby know -it-alls.
Violence is not supposed to be a rugby family trait.
That is why I, on my blog, speak out against those who tolerate and encourage violence.
It's unacceptable!
Thanks for speaking up.
This is not the first time you have done so.


sesenta y cuatro said...

Well, I suppose reading to you leaves an imprint :-)

But I am glad we agree at this.