Drinking and rugby

So, for the second time in less than two months, Cowan has been arrested as he was found guilty of D.U.I.

Meanwhile, Jerome Kaino has also been involved in such trouble.

What now? Should players be banned from playing the All Blacks if found guilty of such behaviour? Should they be allowed to play as these are off-the-field offenses?

Which, if any, relation have these issues with the english players missbehaviour last week?

It's all about the same: Is it acceptable that so-called sportsmen drive themselves these ways? But with an added consideration: What kind of things a sportsman can and can't do in his free time?

I think anything that involves violence would rule anyone out of my team. I think, however, that everyone deserves a second chance. Did Cowan do enough already to spoil his second chance? That I cannot say, honestly...

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