Heineken Cup hangover

Ironically, the day that Daniel Carter started his season in the northern hemisphere, the best player of the day was in another match.

If you ask me why I like Evans so much, why I consider him most unfortunate for the focus always being on the cantabrian (not that I don't like him a lot), just watch the (at times) best first five in the world in action.


Nursedude said...

This was a helluva ending, wasn't it? I still don't know how Evans got the drop goal off-it just cleared the crossbar, but two Stade defenders were on him like white on rice, and the pitch was very boggy. I guess the thing with being a native Kiwi, playing in rain and deplorable conditions just seems to be part of your DNA.

sesenta y cuatro said...

The DG went in this time, perhaps next time it goes astray. Call it a kiwi playing rugby under rain and coverred by mud, or call it luck. The DG was the last and ultimate thing to do and this time it worked.