Dan Carter at Perpignan

If we are to pay attention to all that speak about rugby, the 7-month sabbatical that Daniel Carter is taking in Perpignan is going to change the face of rugby world.

You can see it in most blogs and newspapers' webs. They are all awaiting the kick-off of the first Carter's game for Perpignan (against Leicester Tigers).

Is it deserved? Can Carter bring the first title to a club that has always been there but never crossed the goal line in first position? It is not going to be easy for the man from Canterbury. The biggest thing of the northern hemisphere rugby is that there are thousands of competitors; it is true at domestic competitions, but especially at the global competitions such as the Heineken Cup. I am no clairvoyant and therefore, I cannot tell the future. But I find Carter has what is needed; Carter could be the man, yes. No matter how difficult it can be, he has got it, and will take Perpignan, if not to the heavens of the Heineken Cup, to be the reference team in Europe, and of course, in France.


Nursedude said...

All I can say, after watching Carter play his first game for Perpignan this past weekend is that-under great pressure and anticipation-the man delivered the goods. Having a top flight #10 made Perpignan that LITTLE bit better than the Tigers, who still almost snatched a tough away win.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Yes, the boy has got rugby through his veins and that he showed. He was even doing the best tackles during the first half!

But his individual skills won't ever be enough. The team must build around him. They played with much more confidence than they did in Leicester one week ago, where the powerful english forwards trampled them, and it should be only a start for them.

They might still be fighting for nothing at the Heineken Cup, though. Even with 19 points they could even miss the QF.

miff said...

just want to see if i am still in the picture

sesenta y cuatro said...

Happy new year, Miff!!!