The never-ending stare and the game that witnessed two hakas

The never-ending stare

The game that witnessed two hakas


Nursedude said...

Interesting that the best game involving the All Blacks on this Northern tour involved a match against a club side-albeit a very good one.

After watching this match, it strikes as to why the people at the IRB cannot come to some kind of agreement to have a match between the Heineken Cup winner and the Super 14 winner. Play the game at a neutral venue where you want to develop the game, like Japan, the US or even Argentina. The H-Cup and Super 14 all finish close to the same time anyway.

sesenta y cuatro said...

I can see two possible reasons:

- there is no will.
- there is no date available.

Provided the amount of revenue such game would cash (Hong Kong, Tokyo, L.A., Rome...) I fear it's more the second than the first one.

Could you find a date for such a match? Schedules are already too busy that one could end risking a second-stringers match.

Nursedude said...

It is true that pretty much once the Super 14 season is done, it goes to internationals to prep for the Tri Nations. Although on that front, I have to wonder when the Tri Nations are going to stand fast against the English and French sending under-strength squads for the June internationals. (Contrast that to the full strength sides the Tri Nations sent to conquer the North in November)