A last word on the November Tour

There is one last thing I would like to say about the November tour.

The prospect of facing the All Blacks has led to a lot of addo in every country, a lot of talking about the haka, about the kiwi arrogance and a lot of media talking up the chances of any national side or talking down the greatness of an All Blacks team that had a lot to prove after a horrendous World Cup Campaign.

The plain truth is that every national side is under pressure when playing the All Blacks at home.

On the other hand, the best game of the tour has not been a test. Munster, by heart, by will, have undoubtedly been the best opposition the All Blacks have faced. No pressure at all for Munster when playing the All Blacks, and a great privilege for the players. And even nowadays, when players are paid millions to play rugby, passion and will are the most dreadful weapons. Wayne Smith, All Blacks backs coach said it best: "We have seen teams go out and just about die for a cause on this tour. I have never seen a team like Munster so beaten up after a game."
A good reason for longer tours, is it not?


Nursedude said...

If you could not be moved by Munster's gritty display against New Zealand, you have no heart. This game was better than almost all of the World Cup matches from last year, as well. Aside from Wales-Fiji, Fiji-South Africa, Tonga-Samoa, Tonga South Africa, I could not think of too many matches that were as entertaining as Munster-New Zealand...just a great match, definitely the crown jewel of the November tours by the Tri Nations.

sesenta y cuatro said...

True, true.

I also liked the opening France-Argentina.