All eyes suddenly turn to him

After what had to be a glorious game in Paris, he being the man who lifted his side to draw against the almighty Stade de France, Daniel Carter got injured and his season is over.

And all of a sudden, kiwi hearts beat in anxiety. Who's to replace him for the All Blacks?

In Christchurch they don't pronounce his name but in whispers, as no one dares to compare him yet to the great D.C. But he's made of pure gold and now he's more than ever the man to which all eyes have silently turned.

Let me tell you his name in a whisper,

He's Stephen Brett.


miff said...

Are you certain? What about Donald?

sesenta y cuatro said...

I have a soft spot for Donald, but the truth is that I don't see him as a starting All Black.

miff said...

I would have to agree right now based on the form he showed during the fall internationals and the 3N. I like Brett but in NZ who knows who will pop up next week.