New-look, same mistakes.

It cannot be. It simply cannot be.

When you are in a come-back like the one the Highlanders did against the Brumbies earlier today, you cannot let them slip away with a last-gasp drop-goal.

2 points are not enough for this game. 5 tries are not enough, losing by two is not enough! It's the winning mood the one that must be targeted. Play will come afterwards. It is a matter of realising your chances. The Highlanders may not have many; they should be clinical. Clinical, clinical, clinical.

If they lose after a good play, what will happen when they don't play so well?

Highlanders 31 - Brumbies 33


miff said...

I only saw the Crusaders match but will now start taking more of an interest in the South. The North bores me but the Brumbies with Phil Waugh as Captain shouldn't win any games. George Smith has beaten him out and the new guys are lining up to beat out Smith.
Talk about disappointment....Italy/ demoralized the Azzurri must be..three of the softest trys I've seen and that includes the one at the fortirth minut mark wioth the offload by Ferris to Bowe. Things like that shouldn't happen.

Nursedude said...

I thought the Highlander's -Brumbies was a helluva entertaining match. Too bad there were not many people at the game.