Super 14 round 3: Predictions

Last week both New Zealand powerhorses, Blues and Crusaders left me. The Blues were over-powered by the Bulls and the Crusaders did a 'Highlanders' when hey let the Brumbies score the winning converted try during injury time.

So, my crystal ball now has got a scrap but is not shattered yet.

Let's see what the weekend games will bring, perhaps my palantir will break at last:

Crusaders 19 - Hurricanes 11 (Sorry folks, but the Crusaders are just too good)
Chiefs 25 - Sharks 24 (Do no underestimate them, the Chiefs are a great team)
Waratahs 32 - Highlanders 23 (Defense, guys, defense)
Brumbies 30 - Force 18 (They are on a roll)
Stormers 24 - Blues 29 (Attack, guys, attack)
Lions 20 - Bulls 18 (It's amazing how powerful are the Bulls at home, isn't it?)
Reds 24 - Cheetahs 13 (So that would leave Cheetahs and Highlanders winless, wouldn't it?)

If you are in a mood to see a good rugby match, pay attention to the Sharks at Hamilton.

PS: Isn't it amazing to see me predicting such a South African debacle?

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