Beware Blues

Three rounds are gone now, and from the "big three" (Crusaders, Waratahs and Sharks) of the opening round, we have moved onto the "new big three" where only the Bulls have replaced the Crusaders and nothing else has changed.

If only, the Hurricanes begin to deliver while Blues and Force have surprisingly performed quite well.

Auckland's fans, quite particularly, seem to have tons of reasons to be happy. Their point is that in a talented team, plagued by injuries and an unusual share of fatherhood leaves, 10 points from the first three rounds is a good record, provided the three games have been away. Defence way seems to have been learnt this weekend when the Stormers were only able to score 8 points.

Good one. Can't argue with it, can you?

Well, let's see. I remember last year's Blues season and their first three rounds were quite impressive. 3 wins and 15 points were clearly a better start of the season. The trip to South Africa started in round 2 and it also included 2 wins and one defeat and the Blues collected 11 points compared to this year's 10. The problems with the Blues came after it. Losses to the Force (at home), Waratahs and Brumbies (at home) almost automatically left them out of the semifinals race.

This year has not started better for them and the hard yards lay ahead. Hurricanes, Sharks, Waratahs and Brumbies await. While it is true they are on the good track, the main obstacles still are to come.

So beware, Blues.

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