Best goal kicker?

Who's the best goal kicker in the NZRU?

Daniel Carter? Stephen Donald? Jimmy Gopperth?

Well, you would be wrong. The golden boot, the man-who-nearly-never-misses has not played a single game of rugby... union.

Yes, Michael Witt, former and I do mean former rugby league player for the Auckland Warriors has just switched codes and will be playing for Otago at the Air New Zealand Cup. He had a wonderful 2008 NRL season, kicking over 90%.

Could he make attendances boost in Dunedin? Can he lift Otago to a decent campaing this year? Will he be playing for the Highlanders next year?

With Daniel Bowden heading to Auckland next year, there's a gap that could be perfect for Witt; the aussie-born has already expressed his desire to perform the haka at test level.


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen but two league players make the grade and one of them is Tuquiri...the others including Gasnier and Sonny have been merely average.
It is true that on the seventh day God gave earth rugby league...quite the opposite.
The union players have now figured how to turn the ball over, which is basically illegal in league so we will see better union players and worse league players IMHO.

sesenta y cuatro said...

But switching codes towards union is a trend nowadays, specially in Oz and New Zealand.

If he is going to replace Daniel Bowden at the Highlanders... he is certainly going to need help.