Super 14 round 7 predictions

Step by step we have reached halfway at the Super 14 (and me fool thinking it had just started). Bulls and Sharks are clearly ahead of the rest, and behind, at least 8 or 9 different teams are fighting to make the semifinals.

This week's match-ups are really interesting:

Blues 38 - Waratahs 27 (This is the no-returning point for the Blues. Last year the game at Sidney showed how poorly prepared were the Blues to be among the top 4. This year it is the Waratahs the bad-looking team)
Highlanders 19 - Bulls 17 (I cannot resist to draw a win for the Highlanders. I just like them)
Crusaders 26 - Stormers 18 (Which Stormers' face shall we see in Christchurch?)
Reds 25 - Chiefs 33 (This should be this week's game)
Sharks 32 - Brumbies 25 (Tough times for Canberra)
Lions 16 - Hurricanes 23 (Which of the two would be harder to imagine: two wins in a row for the Lions or two losses in a row for the Hurricanes?)

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm..I would probably take the Reds, the Stormers and, believe it or not, the Waratahs.
I am just not a KBeale fan and I think his replacement can only make them better.
I am also waiting for the Lions to start kicking into gear.
So I have 4 sides that I will have to agree to disagree. Before I start throwing out my predictions I often wait until the players start to gel and that often takes half the competition.
I would take the Force too as I think , like the Reds, these rugby athletes have no problem reaching new levels as opposed to pure rugby players who fluctuate through the highs and lows of the rugby playing graph.