Message in a bottle

The following message has been put in a bottle and the authors hope it will pass from hand to hand until it reaches Jonah Lomu. The message at the moment of writing this post is thought to be in Dublin.

Dear Jonah,

We are writing to you because we think you are the best rugby player in history and also because you are our model to imitate these hard days. We are player aged from 11 to 14 playing in the Vigo Rugby club. Vigo is an industrial city in the Atlantic Coast of Spain. There is not much passion for rugby here, but you know, when rugby is inside you, it does not really matter how many people might be attending the game.

You can figure out that not even in normal conditions it is easy to play rugby here. But with the economic crisis things are much worse. Unemployment increases all around, companies close and it's all looking so bad. We feel it both in our families and also inside our rugby club. We started the season with no sponsorship, as the ones we had last season couldn't stay any longer. In the end, we could kick the season off due to the help of the senior players who put money of their own to keep it going.

As you can see, we don't have many reasons to be happy, but we have got one reason to keep fighting for: rugby. We don't want to write a letter to make people cry. This is a letter of fighting, a letter of the ones who don't give up. We hail you, Jonah, aiming to maybe one day be as strong as you are. Mind and body. Cheers from all players from 11 to 14 years old and all players in the schools of the Vigo Rugby Club.

(thanks to Fermin de la Calle from for this very special story)
(and my best wishes to all young players of the Vigo Rugby Club)


Anonymous said...

Creo que deberías contar también lo de la botella que irá de mano en mano ;-P


sesenta y cuatro said...

y yo creo que deberías cogerme el telefono :*

Anonymous said...

Yo creo tambien quel equipe Vigo estan muy felicidades in el persona de Jonah Lomu. Donde sta Senor Lomu ya, senor?

SEnor Miff

sesenta y cuatro said...

Señor Miff,

Les deseo lo mejor a los chicos de Vigo. They deserve the chance to keep playing.

Anonymous said...

of course.

Miff the Senor

Nursedude said...

This is a very touching story-Total Flanker also shared this story too. It's sad that the economic downturn has trickled down to the kids in Galicia, too...I wish them luck.

Anonymous said...

this was very touching to read and is such a shame, i am an english rugby lover and player now working in vigo, I wish i could help if theres anything i can do email me pls
Rgds Paul

sesenta y cuatro said...

Hey, Paul!

It's so nice to see your interest. If you are proficient with spanish, here I leave you the link where you can track the bottle.

I have written to them saying that there's someone who is interested in knowing if there's anything to be done to help. I will e-mail back to you with their reply.

Meanwhile, I also send to you the link of the Vigo Rugby Club (this one is also in spanish)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

At last, tehy did it. Congratulations