Blues are out of it. It could be a tough day for New Zealand franchises.

The Reds totally outsmarted the Blues and the Auckland franchise is out of the playoffs contention.

It is alarming the ease with which the Reds dismantled Blues display. It should make the Blues coach think.

By the way, today could be a terrible day for the New Zealand franchises. At this very moment, the Blues are down 5-31 in Albany while the Brumbies have just scored a try in Wellington.

Good luck, 'canes.


Anonymous said...

With the other two NZ franchises going down, how does that work for the Force, without figuring in the final three matches? This weekend certainly solidifies the Bulls and pretty much puts the zCrusaders out of their misery? MIFF

sesenta y cuatro said...

Although their remaining fixtures ain't so difficult (even a game in Auckland could be a win for them) the Crusaders needed 5 points from Bloemfontein.

I don't think the Force shall be able to win in Pretoria, so I don't think they can make the top 4.