Super 14 round 11 predictions

It's predictions time at Ka Mate Ka Mate...

And it is hard times in Sydney and Durban. No matter what happens, Bulls, Chiefs, Hurricanes, Brumbies and Crusaders will look to put miles ahead of Sharks and Waratahs who may well be wondering what would have happened if their last week's games (bonus-point losses for both teams) would have been played after a bye and not before a bye.

But so to the facts,

The Bulls and the Chiefs meet in Pretoria, where the Bulls have not lost a game this season. The Bulls have done a bit of what Rassie Erasmus claimed to be the key to put his Stormers into the playoffs during the pre-season: make your home ground a fortress, so it is not going to be easy for the Chiefs not to be bullied at Loftus. I claim that whoever wins the match will play home advantage during the semifinals. The Hurricanes and the Brumbies face each other in Wellington in a sweet moment for every team, and neither team can afford a loss. Crusaders and Blues need a bonus point win, and while the Blues play at home and have shown their attacking power, the Crusaders play away and they need to remember how to score tries if they are to get classified.

Highlanders 22 - Stormers 13 (a meaningless game that should, however, cement some All Blacks contenders' hopes. A win for the Highlanders)
Western Force 33 - Lions 19 (The Force are 18 points away from the playoffs and this is their only easy game remaining. They'll get 5)
Blues 42 - Reds 14 (While the Reds can be a formidable foe, ask the Sharks, the fact that they are playing for nothing will sort things out. Besides, no return home for Braid leaves this match spicyless)
Hurricanes 28 - Brumbies 26 (This would be the match of the week, should any of those teams not be a bore)
Cheetahs 23 - Crusaders 30 (Either bonus point or DEATH for the Crusaders)
Bulls 25 - Chiefs 19 (I would love the Chiefs to win, but they have lost to the Waratahs, the Crusaders and the Sharks, and only been able to defeat the Blues. They have trouble with the big teams)

So, I wouldn't be surprised if at the end of round 11 the table looks something like this:

  1. Bulls 33
  2. Hurricanes 33
  3. Blues 33
  4. Chiefs 32
  5. Sharks 31
  6. Crusaders 31
  7. Waratahs 28
  8. Brumbies 28


Anonymous said...

I'll just have to wait and see. You seem to know what you are doing. I hope your crystal ball holds.


Anonymous said...

I was not shocked at all by The Force. Like the Reds, they can put the metal to the petal on occasion and this just happened against a typical 'give up' South African side that were absolutely stunned at how the reality of being a reaqlly truly dreadful rugby side. I hate to say it bit Mr. Eloff should be seeking new employment as should Matt Williams of Ulster.
Unlike Eloff, Williams is a real ass kissing Aussie schmoozer and the Irish will probably claim a conflict of identity crisi in why he should remain as coach.
Like the Transvaal, Ulster is , or should I say the pulse of national rugby.
Eloff has ruined that logic as has Williams.


sesenta y cuatro said...

My crystal ball, as has done throughout the season, failed.

Still, the two games in South Africa are worth a watch.