Brave Lions should have won

The Chiefs can be pleased. Can be happy, indeed.

8 games gone and 27 points lift them to a place into the top 3. Their bye week comes next and after that, winning 3 games out of 5 should be enough to see them qualify for the semis.

But after impressive wins over Reds and Blues, they can call themselves lucky to have escaped the ropes with which the Lions had tied them early in Hamilton today.

The Lions played great. The Lions played brave. With impressive defense against the expansive approach of the Chiefs, they conceded just 10 points in the first 40 minutes while Pretorius and Fourie dismantled the weak Chiefs defense. Mils Muliaina did have trouble with the number on his jersey and more trouble with the tricky balls the Lions played. Fourie was happy. 10-22 at halftime.

The gap was widened through an interception by the Lions and with 20 minutes to go, the Chiefs saw themselves 19 points behind.

Hika Elliot came in for Aled de Malmanche and the recipe worked. Better throwing at the line-out put confidence on the Chiefs, just what they needed to unleash their backs. One, two, three and four times the Chiefs crossed the line as the look on the eyes of the Lions was of resignation.

The Chiefs were again on top, Donald kicking superbly and not even a drop goal could put the Lions ahead again. Game over.

Chiefs 36 - Lions 29


Nursedude said...

The Lions really have improved since last year. It's good to see Todd Cleaver getting some minutes playing flanker for the Lions.(We Yanks have so little to cheer for in international rugby) I read the accounts of the game-to bad Setanta did not show it here in the States this past weekend.

sesenta y cuatro said...

I did watch it through myp2p. It was a very entertaining game, and the Lions seemed to have the clue to hold the Chiefs.

But somehow they managed to come back.

The Lions certainly possess quality. Grobelaar and USA Eagle Clever are good players, but I am amazed at how brilliant can Jaque Fourie be.

Anonymous said...

You should tell nursedude how to use justintv on myp2p. Perhaps he'll learn something by watching rather than reading. One of the problems with the Lions, who have the most rugby players in the Transvaal than any other area in South Africa, is that they should win games. Giving Clever the opportunity to play is excellent fore the USA but it shows you that the Transvaal players are alecting to play elsewhere. You can blame Louie Luyt for the Lions problems.


Nursedude said...

Actually, I have had a chance to see a couple of the Lions matches on Setanta sports here in the states. The do a pretty good job of getting a good selection so that it's not just the same couple of Super 14 teams.

I must confess to not even knowing what justintv and myp2p are. I will have to check them out. (I'm not the most technologically gifted person on the planet)