Yes! I made a mistake!

Sure! Wonderful thing that I totally missunderstood the Crusaders - Bulls game. I thought the Bulls would go on to win the game in the latter stages...

But Brett's kicking and drop goaling was enough to tame the Bulls.

4 ugly points are still 4 points. Even for the exquisite rugby standards of Canterbury.

Congratulations, guys.

Crusaders 16 - Bulls 13


Anonymous said...

Ill Take ugly wins anyday. woohoo go saders!.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about that one. It wasn't a match. It wasn't even a contest. It was simply a matter of one badly coached team beating one homesick one. The best is yet to come in the next few weeks. This is a 'get it over' weekend of matches. Whomever wins, wins. It's hard, after watching the Bulls and Crusaders how it is possible that the Lions could beat South Africa. I mean the Boks on the Bulls were rubbish for most of evening, especially DuPreez. Pretorious should go back to the Lions. The only guy who showed any guts was Wynand Olivier and I'm not sure he won't be overlooked. He's in form but Dumbo de Villiers will probably go with the acceptable combination of Fourie and deVilliers with the notable token Adi Jacobs fitting in, who has earned my respect. Of course, none of those guys figured in the match so I have digressed. Please note the point differential on my forst two speculations. That was the first time I have been that close in quite awhile. If only the Cheetahs and the Lions