Super 14 Round 8 Predictions

Last week I did pretty well. I only failed to understand that the Blues would misserably loss to the Waratahs and, although I predicted the Highlanders to prevail over the Bulls, I did not foresee such a margin.

This week is consederably tougher for the kiwi franchises. The Crusaders receive a wounded Bulls side with Matfield and Habana back from their respective injuries. McCaw is still out and Ellis is out again. The Hurricanes, despite the win in Johanesburg showed weakness against the Lions and it is not going to get any easier in Durban. Only the Chiefs can be confident they will win, as they receive the Lions in Hamilton before their Bye.

So, these are my predictions:

Crusaders 18 - Bulls 23 (It's hard to predict the Crusaders will lose, but even with Slade at the wing and a magnificent Read they are lacking firepower)
Western Force 25 - Reds 28 (This should be a fun game to watch. I like the Reds and my friend Miff likes the Force)
Chiefs 33 - Lions 17 (Last season the Chiefs were on their usual mid-season come-back when they unexpectedly lost in Johanesburg a match they needed to win so badly. Suddenly their chances to reach the finals were over. This year, the revenge will be in Hamilton)
Waratahs 25 - Stormers 15 (The Waratahs are in the 3rd place and want to see themselves away of the chasing group that starts with the Chiefs, and the Stormers want to join the chasing group. A defining match for the two teams, but I feel the 'tahs will not give the Stormers any chance)
Cheetahs 23 - Brumbies 28 (The Cheetahs have Smith back but the captain has not been able to grant them more than two wins in the last two years. No hope for the Cheetahs)
Sharks 24 - Hurricanes 22 (The Hurricanes are pretenders, but the Sharks are contenders)

All in all, a tough week for NZ teams, it seems.


Anonymous said...

I like your logic. I have to ponder these predictions. I have not committed any finances yet to the affairs in the Southern Hemisphere. I only have few left as I have plotted my destiny with Cardiff in the Heineken Cup earlier than expected. So my counter predictions will only be the devil's advocate of yours.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Cool. I give the kiwi sides 1 win and 2 losses, you will make me happy if, clad as the devil's advocate, you counter my predictions :-)

Naly D said...

Hmm I dunno mate. I think Chiefs/Lions could be closer than that and the Cheetah's should beat the Brumberries if they don't have Mortlock.

Oh and of course I've gotta say the 'Canes will thrash the Sharks :)

Anonymous said...

We got a debate here.
How can you expect the Sharks to lose in Durban.
I'd like to see the Lions beat the Chiefs but can't see that happening.
I hope the Brumbies lose to the Cheetahs and I would wager some momney of that was a long bet especially with Mortlock playing. He's the biggest baby on the Brumbies. If he does play amd I am gonnna miss it, tell me how Meyer Bosman does considering they are just about the same size...Bosman will be running right at Mortlock.
The devil made me say it.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Oh, with the Chiefs, anything is possible, that's the only sure thing about them.

But while the Chiefs have never in the last years been able to get a win in Johanesburg (being close to it a few times) they seem to have got rid of the Lions in Hamilton quite easily. Given that they are playing really well and given that Leonard is not injured, I think they shouldn't have much trouble.

The Sharks are very beatable, I think, but are the Hurricanes the team to do it? I would like to see last year's Hurricanes, they would have a chance, but not this year, I fear. I would love to be mistaken, but I saw what Jaque Fourie did to them last week and can't see the Hurricanes winning.

The Brumbies looked strong after two weeks, when they delivered back to back losses to Crusaders and Highlanders. But they have not played much of late, and now even Highlanders and Crusaders are ahead of them. The Cheetahs, though, are in a losing mood.