Lions vs Boks, stop the nonsense talk

John McBride, former player for the Lions:

"I know the game's changed, I know the game's professional and I know that scrummaging has changed but, whether we like it or not, I still believe that the team that can scrummage is the team that wins the match."

Please, someone can stop this nonsense? Can someone explain this old legend that the team who shall govern the breakdown will have more quality possession and therefore, will have more chances to attack? Can someone tell him that line-out mastery is far more important than a slight advantage in the scrum?

In the Super 14, when a free kick is awarded and the ball is not immediately released so the attacking team can take the defending players receding and flat-footed, a scrum is preferred rather than a free kick. Why? because it's more useful than a free kick.

Now, what does make McBride think that with no ELVs sanctioning, the scrums will be so important? I know it is a matter of pride about the scrum more than anything else, but please, we're not back in the seventies, pride is not the key to win. Ability to understand what your team needs is. So, please, pick a pair of halfback, first-five who can rule the game against du Preez and Pienaar, if you want to have a chance to win anything.

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