Boring weekend

It's been a bore.

The Barbarians couldn't put up a team against the Wallabies.
The second-string Cheetahs made the Lions blush.
And Perpignan won the Top 14. Good news at last for Carter.

Which game was worst? I'll tell you one thing: The Wallabies are a very good team, the Barbarians are on vacation. That match was the worst.

Let's see what the next week brings on.

BTW: MacAlister can't play 10.


Anonymous said...

I thought the Barbarian match was entertaining and clean.
What makes you say Luke McAlister can't play # 10. He isn't as good as Carter but who is?

sesenta y cuatro said...

Actually Australia played great, but there was no real opposition in front of them. Too many soft tries.

I would have expected the Barbarians to show some resilience just like they did last November.

From that point of view the match was boring (or perhaps, it's me that I'm fed up of so many rugby)

It makes me wonder once again what's the point of making tired northern-hemisphere players (that includes the Lions) travel Southwards in June, when they are apparently so fatigued.

Regarding McAlister... I did not see anything of his former self. Perhaps it's not a matter of he being able to play at ten, but a matter of he playing to his old standard.

Anonymous said...

Actually I was way off on the form of the Barbarians, not realiazing that manu had made the journey from Europe to Australia. I expected more from them and less from Australia considering that I violated my own theory that pure athletes last longer "in form" than pure rugby players. The Barbarians seemed almost lifless in contrast to Australia. I am not sure I can figure it all out but you are right about too much rugby.
McAlister is unusual to me because he, like Welsh scrumhalf Mike Phillips, is so big and solid. Luke may not be tall but he is built like he is evry bit as big as a Luke Watson or Heinrich Broussow...maybe a little lighter but he is awfully agile for such a compact stature. I know he likes number ten but,like Ruan Pienaar, to become an All Black or Springbok one has to do what is best for the team and if that means not playing your persnal best position, so be it. But Luke McAlister is still a very young man. He could end up playing anywhere.