Matt Giteau, Rocky Elsom to the Brumbies

Have you paid a close look to the back row of the Brumbies for the upcoming season?
Elsom, Smith, Hoiles. Nothing less.
Have you paid attention to the halfback-five eight-center combination?
Valentine, Giteau, O'Connor, Mortlock.

So, Bulls, here's your first enemy to win a second Super 14 tournament in a row.

The question is, what can be expected from the drained (e.g. Western Force) franchises? With the Waratahs model already stuck, is Australia putting all the eggs in one single bag?


Anonymous said...

O' Conner is still at Western Force. Don't count your chickens ...

sesenta y cuatro said...

Sure, but that's not the point. The point is: where's O'Connor going to play next season?

I would bet my money on The Brumbies.