Do not expect much of the first test

Twins New Zealand and Australia start their first tests of the season.

For Australia, it should not be much different than the Barbarians, except for the never-ending high expectations put on the Italian forwards. They are physical, they say. True, but physicality ain't everything in forwards play. There's more to it. So, expect a tough physical match for the aussies, but a comfortable win.

For New Zealand, things are pretty much the same. Concerns are everywhere in this ever-scared-of-losing country but the truth is that the side that Henry fields does not lack class, does not lack power, and more importantly, does not lack form. Which Les Blues happen to lack. What is more, they cannot fiedl their best 15. So, don't be afraid, the beloved All Blacks shall win.

These games will only give some ground to the newbies (less trialed players) in both squads: O'Connor, Brown, Turner for the Wallabies; Ross, Messam, Read, Wulf for the All Blacks.

And that's all.

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Anonymous said...

I think the Wallaby and All Black matches will be the most horrendous in history. If either one of those teams are on form the Azzurri and Les Bleus will be slaughtered in a way reserved for the second tier countries. I cannot speak about Italy but only refer to Nick Mallett, who is as good a rugy man as Deans, when he too agrees that this tour is way above their heads but , I can tell you that never in my life have I ever seen such a collection of meatheads as France is bringing to New Zealand. I expect between Australia and New Zealand more than twenty tries will be scored and the scoreline and play will make the Xerox Lions look like a polished collection of rugby jewels and Franch and Italy closer to that mysterious diamond which carries the death curse: The Hope Diamond.