Stupid assholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beware when you put your fingers onto the new All Blacks players looking for guilts after the (twice-in-a-row) defeat to the French.

I have read in some places that it was due to All Blacks errors.


The mere fact that you are afraid of the All Blacks losing does not mean they ought not to try things.

Do not be harsh on Messam for trying a late run and a chip kick over the French which the French number 8 gathered and ended up in the second French try. You'd better laud him for his audacity, or otherwise you are risking them not being able to try it again.

If I were the All Blacks coach, nothing would I fear more that a gang of players afraid to play.


Matt @ Green and Gold Rugby said...

Wow Ka Mate, calling the whole All Black side STUPID ASSHOLES for losing is a bit harsh, but I can understand it.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Mind you, I meant the journos.