The game was not that bad

I have watched the game again and I must say there are some signs that the All Blacks should do much better next time.

First, as the coaches pointed out so wisely, it was all mainly about physicality. Turnover after turnover killed the All Blacks which were not specially bad in attack, the problem was that they didn't exactly enjoy quality possession.

Apart from that, one must admire the lock pair. Ross was superb in the lineout and Thorn was exactly doing what the loose trio should have. Bringing his body to the game. Keven Mealamu and Aled de Malmanche can show the guys how it is done.

Stephen Donald deserves a special chapter. The boy should do the basics. And just that; the basics. With time, with confidence and with a bit more experience he'll be able to do "different" things, but those are not what the team needs now, specially when every bit of ball possession is so precious. He kicks well. He kicks well indeed. Let the boy grow from where he's at the moment.

Let's see what the next test brings.

By the way: Do not be much too impressed with Deans trying Barnes at 10. Given that Quade Cooper has not got enough experience to start at 10 for the Wallabies, someone must backup the best first five in Australia.

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