It was exciting, but not good

The game was full of excitement. The All Blacks finally found themselves a way to demolish the Springboks defense in open play... but it was only too late.

Don't be mistaken, it was the fitness factor. SA players just couldn't find their breath for the last 15 minutes. And when they were so severely punished, they played with intelligence. Set pieces to set pieces. Did you pay attention on to how annoyed was McCaw when the referee didn't let the play go on? He was on the edge of a penalty for complaining. During the dying moments, Carter's foot made the difference, but in the end, it was not enough.

The first 65 minutes, though, we saw a repetition of what happened in SA. Green waves barely contained by the All Blacks and error after error from NZ. I repeat, it's not skill, it's physicality. Unlike the Wallabies last week, the All Blacks couldn't match the Springboks physically. And it made the difference.

The Springboks are the best team in the World. Can anyone be World Champions, win the Tri Nations, be ranked number 1 and not be the best team in the World?


Anonymous said...

Unforunately and disgustingly, you are right about the Boks. What a pity a team such as this should come to so much glory. I am severely disappointed. The tournament was exciting but a RWC , a S14 , an undefeated fall tour of Europe, and a 3N championship.....what can anybody say? MIFF

sesenta y cuatro said...

This shouldn't be necessarily bad (at least for teams like the All Blacks or the Wallabies)

This wilhelp them rebuild.

The Wallabies have found their way under Deans. It's a way based on O'Connors, Quade Coopers, Pocococks and Barnes.

The All Blacks have tried during with the Borics, Ross, Donalds, Kainos and Thomsons...

But they are yet to find their formula.

Unfortunately, I am afraid that Steve Hansen saying there's not the skill that used to be or should be is not the right way. The coaches chose those players, therefore, the coaches chose those skills.

Anonymous said...

I was sorely disappointed in my pick the Wallabys because they just have not founmd theor game. The match today against the All Blacks proved that the Wallabys are not mature enough mentally or physically to compete in the 3N. It does not speak volumes about Sharpe or Mortlock. They are simply periods at the end of a sentence.Miff