PdV is getting annoying

"People don't want to see other teams being successful. That is my biggest problem at the moment,"
-Springbok coach Peter de Villiers

So, is it Peter de Villiers against the whole rugby world who don't want South Africa to be on the top?

No, Mr. de Villiers, that is not your biggest problem at the moment. Your biggest problem at the moment is your first row.

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Anonymous said...

Annoying is an understaement.
Piet de Villiers may be misjudged as we speak but it is impossible to the media NOT to be accurate in some of his annoying and idiotic dialogue. However, there may be reason that we don't understand that philosophically comple him to make a fool of himself. I do have no doubt that his ffotprint is on the Springboks. I simply cannot find it yet. Maybe tomoorow?