Journos asking the impossible

Now there's this Marc Hinton asking silly things again.

Yes, he's done it here. He's asking 5 things to the All Blacks coaches, among them, two pearls:

-use the kick and chase that SA have use to good effect.
-make the game appealing.

Yes, both at the same time.
You are a genious, Marc.


Jimmy said...

Sounds to me like Marc Hinton wants Chris Rattues title as the worst sports journalist in the country.

Let the battle begin!

sesenta y cuatro said...

Well, to me Chris Rattue and his "France pose absolutely no threat to the All Blacks" are beyond reach.

Jimmy said...

His "I hope Wales beats the All Blacks" comments have to be up there as well!

scotty said...

lets start an alliance to get rid of these idiots.

sesenta y cuatro said...


Tempting, scotty. But we do it in a certain way. We also give our opinion, don't we?

In the end, I don't think everything they say is rubbish, but only some times they don't think twice before they write.