Deans' end

Last post was about Richie McCaw and how close could he be to the end of his rugby career.

This one is about Robbie Deans' end as Wallabies coach.

  1. In 2009, the Wallabies have played 13 tests, with 5 wins, 7 losses and one draw.
  2. In 2008-2009, the Wallabies have played 27 tests, with 14 wins, 12 losses and one draw.
  3. Eddie Jones was sacked in 2001 with a better success rate.
  4. Deans' continuity has been a subject addressed by up to 5 different sources, including ARU boss John O'Neill in the 24 hours following the Scottish hiding.
  5. This season the relation between the ARU and Australian players has been patchy at its best, and clearly Robbie Deans has been supporting the ARU. Issues have arised with Giteau, Tuqiri, and bold coaching decissions like those involving Smith, Mortlock, the captaincy and vice-captaincy have certainly not helped.
  6. Australia should have never lost to Scotland.
Robbie Deans is a good coach. He is an outstanding coach, in fact. But this Wallabies team apparently has got a lot of internal issues that he has not yet managed to fix. I wonder if anyone is capable to fix them.

I don't know if the ARU should keep him or sack him, what I do know is that winning is the best way to solve them, and solving them is the best way to winning.

And Robbie Deans has not managed to do any of those things.


Anonymous said...

I have always thought the best thing to do is get reid of John O'Neill. He is a complete loud mouth arsehole.

sesenta y cuatro said...

But he seems to have Steve Tew and the NZRU under his command and that can't be too bad for Australia.

Jimmy said...

Deans' success relies on his ability to take a team and create complete unity. Maybe this formula just won't work with these players and i am not sure if Deans has a plan B, he has never really needed one until now.

sesenta y cuatro said...

My theory is that it's a circle: winning makes a team as much as making a team leads to winning.

And for some reason, Deans has not managed to make the Wallabies click into any of those.