Wallabies Grand Slam tour is at last finished

If anything, this tour has shown how easily the Wallabies could have achieved their second Grand Slam tour.

A Brian O'Driscoll play at Corke Park denied the Wallabies a win over Ireland, while a missed conversion by Giteau made the difference between winning and losing at Murrayfield.

But being so close and still not being able to accomplish the goal is one of the worst situations that you can be in.

The Wallabies should be aware that it is only their fault, their inability to win close matches, the main reason that is preventing them for realising their full potential.

It's a tough task to find it once you have lost it.

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Anonymous said...

That's exactly what I hear. Just what have they found?
Nobody has much to say about how awful the Welsh might have played.
Like always, it's always about the Wallabys and sadly Robbie Deans.
The Wallabys have left Europe as champions of sorts, not as losers as they so richly deserve to be , perhaps, described.
The truth hurts.