Gatland is only doing his job

Warren Gatland complaining at the referee is not something that should surprise anybody. The fact that at least two tries were denied to the All Blacks is something that he was always going to "forget" in his criticism to the referee.

Just exactly when was a scored try much more important than a clearly-unintentional high tackle?

The plain truth is that whereas the All Blacks did never show more skill than the willing Welsh (except when it comes down to tackle, especially with their flambuoyant left winger), physically they were a level above. And the game was always going to be Black.

But Warren Gatland has sworn he'll get them to the promise land, and now he's just trying to convince them he's leading them there.


Anonymous said...

Warren Gatland is preaching to the choir. He is damn lucky that the score was closer than it deserved to be. Somebody is going to suffer ignominy but I am not sure which country it is yet. Wales squeaked by and Gatland should be looking in the mirror at only Warren Gatland.
He is merely a gnat, just as his surname implies.

Mag Miff

sesenta y cuatro said...

Well, if someone's going to suffer, it's getting interesting, then.

Right now, de Villiers has been forced to send a S.O.S to Van der Linde, which is also interesting.

What are your feelings for the upcoming France-SA?

Anonymous said...

I am afraid that I cannot see South Africa on a tear through the NH.
I am still agonizing on how they stormed through the 3N.
If any rugby country is vulnerable through sheer arrogance and stupidity, it is the Springboks.
Can you imagine why on earth they would call up CJ VanderLinde?
At least MJ has utilized some fresh faces.
I must say that I am shocked at how average Jannie DuPlessis has been over the past few years.
It is probably time to put him out to pasture and let him think long and hard about his game.
I'm not to keen on Mas or Marconnet or Servat but I figure , at the very least, they won't buckle like Gurthro and DuPlessis.
That weakness alone is a big factor in why I think France will beat the Boks, which I must say, many have laughed in my face when I told them.
I just call a spade a spade when I see it.
On a side note, when Warren Gatland and Shaun Edwards finally get their acts togtehr and quit trying to play like the All Blacks or Rugby League, Wales will prosper.
Right now these guys are resorting to what they know best and not wht is best for Wales. Often the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Yeah, perhaps Gatland should be paying attention to the fact that not even the All Blacks are trying to play like the All Blacks.

Anonymous said...

Good one!